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Our Story

A Passion for Luxury: Shalisha's Journey into Design & Décor

Built on the pillars of experience, integrity, and trust, SW Design & Décor is a luxurious extension of our sister company, Spice Islands Dream Properties Ltd., owned and operated by its passionate founder, Ms. Shalisha Williams, a Grenadian by birth and a professional at heart.

The team at SW Design & Décor prides itself on its industry expertise and unwavering commitment to customer service. Our mission is to not only cater to homeowners but also extend our exceptional design and décor services to hotels and other upscale establishments.



Shalisha Williams, Founder


Transforming Spaces: Elevating Hospitality and Residential Experiences

Shalisha's journey in the world of design and décor began with her extensive experience in real estate and her hospitality background. Her passion for quality led her to traverse Europe in search of the finest products to elevate every project. This deep love for design naturally complemented her real estate services, allowing her to create captivating spaces that appeal to a discerning clientele.

Starting in the tourism industry and transitioning to real estate, Shalisha began as an Independent Associate with a local real estate firm before founding Spice Islands Dream Properties Ltd. and later, SW Design & Décor.

It brings her immense joy to provide exceptional customer service and connect with people from different parts of the world. Shalisha Williams holds certification in Grenada, an approved Real Estate Law and Practice Certificate, and an Introduction to Valuation Certificate. She continues to serve the people, visitors, and investors of Grenada, delivering unparalleled design and décor expertise through SW Design & Décor.

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