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Embrace the allure of ancient civilizations with a modern twist in our Aztec Opulence CUZCO vase. This highly sought-after design, influenced by the rich heritage of the Aztecs, effortlessly complements a wide range of interior styles. Crafted from luxurious 9mm thick glass, the CUZCO vase exudes sophistication and becomes a captivating centerpiece in any setting.


The Aztec Opulence CUZCO, in its elegant grey clear glass (GR) color, stands 23 cm tall, infusing your living space with an air of refinement. For those seeking a touch of grandeur, this exquisite vase is also available in a 28 cm tall variant featuring a lavish golden edge.


For a more subdued, yet equally enchanting option, the Aztec Opulence CUZCO is offered in a sophisticated white ceramic version. To further cater to your personal style, this design can also be found in a versatile light grey option.


Elevate your home with the Aztec Opulence CUZCO, a harmonious blend of ancient inspiration and contemporary sophistication that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

  • Product Info

    • Color: dark grey clear glass

    • 23 cm tall

    • Also available 28cm tall and with a golden edge

    • There's also a ceramic version

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