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Embrace the exquisite union of logic, trust, and intelligence with our Eloquent Silhouette Duo vase collection. These high-end cylindrical vases boast well-examined proportions, ensuring their verticality while showcasing the captivating allure of their solid, narrow base. The subtle curves connecting the top and base create enchanting shades within the glass, amplifying the elegance of these stunning pieces.


Expertly crafted in a dark orange hue we call "amber," the Eloquent Silhouette Duo vases feature an impressive 9mm thick luxury glass, reflecting the epitome of sophistication and refinement.


For those seeking a bold yet sophisticated option, the Eloquent Silhouette Duo is also available in an alluring black color. The Amber and Black options allow you to choose the perfect statement piece that complements your unique style and enhances your living space.


Elevate your home with the Eloquent Silhouette Duo vase collection, a testament to the art of luxurious design and the perfect embodiment of grace, poise, and contemporary sophistication.

  • Product Info

    • (also available in black

      9mm thick  

      36 cm tall

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