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Introducing "Opulence Blanc Bath Towel" - the epitome of luxury and indulgence in bath linens. Crafted from the finest 100% cotton terry cloth, the Opulence Blanc Bath Towel measures 27 inches by 50 inches, making it generously sized for your comfort.


Made in France, each Opulence Blanc Bath Towel is crafted from U.S. cotton long fibers, renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. The single loop design ensures that the towel is supremely soft and absorbent, providing the ultimate in comfort and functionality.


Whether you're stepping out of a relaxing bath or wrapping yourself in comfort after a refreshing shower, the Opulence Blanc Bath Towel is the perfect addition to your daily routine. With its luxurious texture, elegant white color, and superior craftsmanship, the Opulence Blanc Bath Towel is the ultimate in sophisticated indulgence.

  • Product Info

    • Bath Towel 27"/50" White 100% cotton terry cloth
    • Cotton 100%
    • Made in France from U S cotton long fibers.
    • Single loop
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