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Poseidon's Bloom is the epitome of luxury, featuring the exquisite Protea pendula, also known as Nudding Sugarbush or Arid Sugarbush. This magnificent flower was named after the son of the Greek God Poseidon, Proteus, due to its ability to take on various shapes and colors, much like Proteus himself. Each stem of Poseidon's Bloom boasts a stunning range of colors, from creamy honey to zesty orange, adding a pop of vibrancy to any space. With a length of 30-40cm and 10 stems per bunch, Poseidon's Bloom is the perfect addition to your floral arrangements, adding a touch of opulence and uniqueness that is sure to impress. Experience the luxury of Poseidon's Bloom and bring the mythical beauty of Greek mythology into your home or office.

  • Product Info

    • Bundle of 6 Dried Protea pendula (repens)
    • 7-12" inches long
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