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Our Sakura Blush Hydrangea stems are a true masterpiece of floral art. Originating from Japan, these summer flowering shrubs are a true symbol of beauty and grace. We carefully grow, harvest, and preserve the stems to maintain their vibrant colors and delicate texture. Our unique preservation process not only ensures the longevity of the stems, but it also allows us to add a rich deep pink pigment on top of the bleached stems, creating a luxurious and elegant finish. Each bunch contains 5 stems, carefully selected for their length of around 30cm. These stems are perfect for creating stunning floral arrangements that will elevate any space. Add some Sakura Blush Hydrangea to your floral collection and indulge in the luxury of nature.

  • Product Info

    • 1 Bundle (5 pieces)
    • 22-24 inches
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